These momentary pieces, more often than not, in striking shades of black and white are soon transformed into work that is visible to the human eye. Captured at last! Here then is the pathway to my soul… Calm serenity with the odd twinge of the dark unknown. Head-strong and at times brutally honest, my work portrays deep relationships while fearlessly challenging the superficial world of norms or “must be”. My belief – a visual image communicates as long as the eye beholds. Yet the mind takes words away to relish, to ponder and to contemplate, to argue, to agree, or simply to disagree with passion.
I enjoy provoking and drawing out emotions by my work. A combination of shades, stark contrasts of black and white, enhanced with the occasional streak of vibrant colour, charcoal is my artist hand’s comfort; however the mediums I use vary as widely as my inspirations. My mind draws from the unprecedented Carl Jung and Freud’s theories of Psychosexual Development and the Unconscious.
My artistic inspiration [has been] is a culmination of all eras. There is ultimately no such thing as good art or bad art – but merely a level of honesty and forthrightness that makes art truly inspirational or at its worst memorably bad. To you may this be the point of true realisation.
I love the vibrancy of your painting, and the strong colours, especially the blue.  My two favourites – noted as I looked at them, were both sold and I am not surprised! (Existence and Indulge the red. Very  impressed. Thank you.-Tim and Russ
Your work strikes at the core of the inner being. My all-time favourites are ‘God Lied’, ‘No Is’ and ‘Light Hurts’ – all carrying a poignant and deep, even supernatural message. Your work is powerful, bold and leads the mind on an endless journey… Inspirational word-play!The future of art – both in it’s known and unknown form is within you. Your awesome Creator is truly glorified! Sandy
Great stuff, keep it up and All the best to your future endeavours. You’ve got new lovely paintings and I cannot decide which one I like most! -Shim and Roys Vanderstraten
This work is amazing! I think “inspired” was especially inspirational! Motivates me to want to pick up a brush and start painting..- john Mc clark
Inspirational amazing!! -Gee and Ruwanthe
Thought provoking and  vibrant. Inspirational work.- James
Amazing !!! Aawesome,  beautiful stuff…. Carl Perera
Love the thought process.How much is substance?love the colour combo?gorgeous pieces-janice whiteman
Simply breathtaking work.Love the Graphic work!- Dan Phillips